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Photographing Love :Gay Pride

Photographing love has become such a wonderful process for me to go through in this past year. I find this connection and interaction between two human beings extremely intriguing. It generally translates to me being in awe of that moment and when I do get my camera in the way, I try and make that moment as raw…

Who are the clients that I work with?

Benjamin Arthur – Clients I remember my old days in the agency. Every credentials presentation we’d have to put together a logo soup of our current clients & brands. I never did one of these for my photography business … until now. And I am so blessed to be able to call every single one…

British Society in Amsterdam Blind Date Night

One of many fun events that I cover as the official photographer of the British Society in Amsterdam is their Blind Date Night. Whilst not always successful on the romantic front, its always a huge amount of fun for everyone who takes part.