Frequently Asked Questions

For the questions I’m most often asked, I trust you will find your answer below. For anything else, please don’t hesitate to send me your question via the Contact form here

Are you available on my date?
Availability is always the first question and with good reason.
My availability varies by season with my busiest months from March until November. It usually pays to book me in advance but you may often find I have some last minute availability so it is always worth asking the question. Another good reason to book me early is that you can benefit from my earlybird booking rates. These mean that for any job booked more than 6 months in advance I always offer a 10% discount on the regular price.

How much do you cost?
I regularly work across borders and each client in each country has different needs with a different end in mind. In other words, no two jobs are ever the same. This is why I feel conflicted about posting prices here on my site. The best way to find out is to send me a request for a quote via the contact form here. Please try and provide as many details as you are able and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

How many images will you send me?
Typically, you will receive around 30-35 edited images per hour of shooting. Certain types of party – and larger weddings – may sometimes result in more. Portrait sessions usually result in around 100 proofed images.

What is a proofed image?
Any time you are looking at a photograph prior to seeing it in physically printed form, you are looking at a proof. Clearly, the digital revolution has turned our understanding of what is a proof upside down but most of the time my clients receive final edited proofs as the deliverable. In the case of portraiture, proofs may need some final touch ups which are done based on your selections for printing.

What do you mean by ‘editing’?
Digital images usually require some retouching in order to look their absolute best. This process is known as editing or, in case of weddings, wedditing ;). People tend to think of this as ‘Photoshop’ but, like most working photographers, I use another application like Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture. These help me manage my workflow which involves processing tens of thousands of images each year. A totally impractical task on Photoshop. Normally the editing process takes as long as the shoot itself… often longer.

How long will it take before you deliver my images?
Your images will normally be delivered within 10 working days.
Rush delivery is available for fast turnaround jobs. This is available in 12, 24 or 48 hour options. 12 hour turnaround costs an additional €3 per image, 24 hours is €2 per and 48 hours €1 per image.

How will you deliver my images?
I generally try to deliver your edited photographs via my WeTransfer account. In case this doesn’t work for you I can of course pop a DVD into the post to your home address. I will send you the images in both Hi-Res and Web-Ready versions. Hi-Res images are good for printing or any DTP application. Web-Ready images are good for sharing on social media, emailing etc.

Do you send me every image you take?
No! Absolutely not. You can expect to receive around 1/3 of the images that I shoot. These will be the best of the best. As a general rule I delete a third, edit a third and keep a third in reserve as master (unedited) files only.

Do you charge VAT?
I am obliged to pay VAT at the prevailing rate of the country in which I am working. Usually that means 21% (NL & CZ) or 20% in the UK. Enterprises outside the EU (including the United States,) are exempt from VAT although Dutch VAT is applicable for private clients from non-EU countries.

Where are you based?
Home base is the stunning city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. I also travel on assignment to Prague, Czech Republic very regularly so, in effect, my time is divided between the two places.
Being from the UK, I usually go back home several times per year on assignment or holiday. I’ve completed other photography assignments in the USA, Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, France & Denmark. I love traveling and I’d love to come to you – wherever you may be – to fulfill your next photographic project.

Do you offer hair & make up services?
I know some great people for both hair & make-up in Amsterdam & Prague. Please just let me know if you are interested in these services and I’ll try to fix you up with the people that are right for you.

Do you shoot video?
No I don’t, but again I know some excellent people who do. Just drop me an email ([email protected]) and I can make a recommendation.

What equipment do you use?
I am devoted to my Nikon cameras and lenses. Nikon make the best, affordable glass in the world. I have a Bowens studio lighting system, rely on Sandisk CF & SD cards and Think Tank bags to keep my kit safe. I’ve just purchased a Lee Filter system for my personal landscape & cityscape work and to keep things steady I trek around with a Manfrotto tripod.

Who retains the copyright on images?
Please note that, under current EU legislation, copyright remains with me – the artist – for 70 years after my death. Your pictures can only be used for personal use and are not to be sold, published or used for any commercial purposes without permission and prior arrangement. Prior agreement to purchase copyright on any photo is mandatory.

Will I see the pictures you take of me or my child(ren) online?
If you specifically request not to see your pictures anywhere publicly then I will always respect your wishes. And I will not post pictures of your child or children on social media sites unless you have given me explicit permission.

What happens if I don’t get the pictures I wanted or was hoping for?
I make every effort to ensure I take the photos as we agree in advance. However, no person, group or background can be guaranteed and I will not, under any circumstances, accept liability for any photo that remains, in some way, “un-taken”.

What happens if I lose my images or my computer crashes?
Starting in 2014 I am introducing a new Image backup facility option which triple locks your photos on my end in case anything happens to them on your end. This keeps your precious images on an external hard drive in two locations and in the Cloud. Clearly there is a considerable expense in maintaining this which is why I must charge my clients for the service. Starting from July 2014 a 10 year / €100 option Image backup facility option will automatically be line itemized on your quote and it will be invoiced to you unless you tell me you don’t wish to take advantage of it.

Do I need to pay you a deposit? 
In most cases YES.
Deposits are important for two reasons. First, they help you to secure your date in my diary. Second, they bind me to you; emotionally, reputationally as well as financially. 
Wedding deposits are 25% of the agreed fee and for corporate jobs the deposit is 50% of the fee.
The wedding deposit is non-refundable 90 days or less before your wedding day. Otherwise it is fully refundable. You will receive your invoice in two parts – one for the deposit and one for the balance. Otherwise deposits are not refundable except in the case where I am clearly at fault in which case they are fully refundable.
I may ask for a small deposit for a portraiture, party or walkabout job but this is usually not more than €100. If, for some reason, the date ends up not working then we can always move things around to fit our schedules.

What are your payment terms?
For couples and individuals 14 days after the date of the job
For companies – unless specifically requested – invoices should be paid within 30 days of the date of the assignment(s).
Wedding couples tend to want to have their bills paid prior to the honeymoon so they can just relax and enjoy themselves. This is why I will send out your wedding invoice (minus the 25% deposit) two weeks in advance of your wedding day.

Do you sell vouchers that I can gift to a friend or family member?
I can certainly do this for you. Please just let me know via the contact form how much you were looking to spend and I will create a bespoke voucher for you.