Britsoc Photo Lesson #13 – Work with diagonals to create striking pictures

BritPhotShot of the Month

There is an abundance of beauty in Amsterdam but using it as a photographer to create striking images with people can be a challenge. Couple of tips here from this recent Walkabout I did in town.

As we were walking around I noticed this line of olde worlde shop signs and thought they looked nice. So work with what’s in front of you to bring out the beauty.
Then I placed my client in the middle of the row.
And, lo and behold, the diagnoal comes to the fore.
The reason this shot works aesthetically is precisely because of that diagonal which creates the pleasing line from bottom left to middle of the lower right hand third.

If you are interested in having you, your family or a friend photographed in Amsterdam why not give me a call?

Technical details; Nikon D700. AF-S Nikkor 50mm (1.4) @ f/2, ISO 800 @ 1/320s

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