Remember, Remember – Guy Fawkes Night

In this season of Remembrance we Brits not only are thinking about the fallen in the First World war and all subsequent wars but also, for the 5th November, we remember the Gunpowder plot. Each year now I cover the British Society of Amsterdam’s big night celebrating Guy Fawkes Night. There are sparklers, spectacular fireworks, “Guys” and, of course a huge bonfire. This year was made extra special thanks to the generous sponsorship from Marks & Spencer in Netherlands. They supplied all the food & drink thus enabling the British Society to raise a good deal extra money for Charity. Furthermore they ‘loaned’ us the Michelin starred chef Christopher Naylor of Restaurant Vermeer fame to make sure that all the grub was up to snuff. And boy was it up to snuff! Fab burgers, succulent posh dogs, quiches for the vegetarians and Pork pies warmed on the grill. Yummy. Everyone agreed, it was the best Bonfire Night ever!

  • Guy Fawkes Night - Event Photography
    Guy Fawkes Night - Event Photography