The Nikon D810 is here

I skipped the D800 for the simple reason that I’d just bought myself a D700. The D700 has been a remarkable camera and is the business for a full time professional like myself.  However, this Nikon D810 has had great reviews and now it is time to invest in one. Take this glowing praise from the Rockwell review; “The Nikon D810 astounds me with how well it can handle multiple assignments, from ultra-high resolution gallery and fine art production, botanical field work and scientific record-keeping, military reconnaissance and industrial espionage to family, portraits and fast action — and it works astounding well down into the dark with autofocus that’s fast and sure in dimmer light than I can see. Of course it’s super-clean at insanely high ISOs.” I am diverse photographer with a range of interests in a number of fields. That sounds like the camera for me! Thanks Nikon ;)