Street Photography – Maastricht

I got the chance to go to Maastricht for a few days for some work a few months back and luckily, I even got time to catch up on some much needed R&R. After getting done with my work there, I could spend a few days just roaming around in the city. This beautiful city in the south of the Netherlands, keeps surprising me with its vivacity.

Street photography – Maastricht

Walking around in Maastricht, I got to see and capture the difference influences of the Roman, Belgic and Dutch empires. History comes alive in the old structures and statues that are omnipresent in the city. I fell in love with the art and architecture that remains preserved in the old churches and bridges of the city. It gives of a very surreal vibe of being alive in that era.

Natural as it is for me to try and capture it all with the camera, this was the first time where I spent more time looking and experiencing all that the alleged “Oldest City in Netherlands”, had to offer.

Maastricht is certainly on my “Visit Again” list.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the trip.

  • Street Photography - Maastricht