KingsDay – iPhone Photography

I am now waiting for the iPhone 6 before upgrading my iPhone 4S so I’ve yet to experience the vastly improved camera functionality of the iPhone 5s. However, the ability to create great images so different from DSLR quality pictures is there with the 4 generation as much as the 5. Take this image from Kingsday in Amsterdam this year. It was shot at the 1928 Olympic stadium just near our home while we were waiting for a tram. Apply an instagram filter to the image and it becomes even more freighted with atmosphere.

iPhone Photography

Sure, some might argue that Kingsday – the annual jamboree which, notionally at least, celebrates the king of the Netherlands’ birthday but which is actually more of a celebration of the Dutch and their way of life – is all about colour so why make the image B&W? To which I say, to hell with photo conventions… especially when you are shooting with a camera phone! And the joy of a camera phone is that you don’t have to worry all the time!