Photographing conferences – LG

Photographing conferences, to most people, would be the simplest job for a photographer. However, having photographed a hell lot of conferences myself, I can tell you with certainty, they are not an easy task. Not to get great images anyways.
The unique thing about conference for me is that people at the conference, while technically “at work” are still on kind of a break. That brings out a unique front wherein people are serious because of the work but at the same time, they are very relaxed. I love capturing that aspect of a person.
One of my recent shoots that stuck with me is the LG Commercial Display Roadshow held in Amsterdam. This is still easily one of the grandest conferences I have been to. The engaging discussions, the motivational talks, the dance performances, the food and the dancing was unparalled to anything I have seen. Like they say – ‘With LG its all possible’.
I had a fun time capturing some of these moments and I am glad I can share some of them with you. Here are some of the photos of the most magnanimous conference ever.

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